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Over the years we have specialized in particular in the processing of plastic materials such as: plexiglas or plexiglass, methacrylate, perspex, polycarbonate, pvc and forex, dibond or alupanel, petg.

We can also use additional plastics, depending on the project and customer requirements. We put our experience and professionalism at your disposal in order to create the desired product through one or more processing of plastic materials, taking care of each phase with the utmost attention and carrying out constant quality controls.

Methacrylate / Plexiglass

Methacrylate is a thermoplastic material with qualities similar to glass: rigid, transparent, colorless and exceptionally clear, with good resistance to bad weather, chemicals, heat, scratches, abrasions and water. There are two types: cast and extruded. Both are clear, colorless, exceptionally clear and have good acid resistance.



Polycarbonates have seen a surprising increase in their use due to their particular properties of transparency, thermal and mechanical resistance as well as for their good electrical properties and hardness.
The material is practically unbreakable, so much so that it is commonly used in the most varied fields of application, one above all the creation of safety protections.


PVC / Forex

The processing of PVC and forex, thanks to the use of technologically advanced instruments, allows the creation of customized products with excellent finishing and in a short time as well as satisfying the needs of customers looking for a quality product at a competitive price.


Dibond / Alupanel

Aluminum-Dibond is an extremely torsion-resistant material consisting of two aluminum plates and a polyethylene core (rigid plastic). The thick composite panel is suitable for interiors and, thanks to its resistance to UV light and bad weather, it is also perfect for outdoors



PETG (polyethylene terephthalate) is a thermoplastic polymer suitable for food contact. Depending on the production processes it can exist in amorphous (transparent) or semi-crystalline (white and opaque) form. It is used for its electrical properties, chemical resistance and impact resistance.

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